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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Meeting With a Navajo Medicine Man

I traveled to Edmonton, Alberta on business last month. Two weeks before leaving I got a call from a friend asking if I could I pick up our mutual friend, Francis, at the Edmonton airport. I agreed, and called him to say I would pick him up but needed his arrival time. He told me, his hostess had made his travel arrangements and he did not know is arrival time at the moment. I called her, and she email me his itinerary. I noticed when I got his itinerary that he was actually booked on my connecting flight. Francis said, normally this is not the route he takes when traveling to Edmonton, lucky for us it was the perfect opportunity for an uninterrupted visit. Don't you like it when synchronicity works so effortlessly?

I know people who could use the help of a medicine man, more often than not it is when their diagnosis from a medical professional is not very good and usually it is an advanced cancer of some sort. However, many people both non Native and Natives alike don't feel comfortable using a traditional medicine man. Their reasons are varied, maybe it is the mysterious ways in which healing occurs makes people uncomfortable. Possibly it is the lack of education on what a medicine man does, or the proper protocol, or just the unknown which are a deterrent.

Maybe it is the difficulty of finding the best medicine man and not knowing how to properly search for one. My advice, is always do research which is started by asking the right questions. In Indian country, I recommend word of mouth. But the most important aspect is to trust your intuition, how do you feel when you speak to the Medicine Man, how do you feel in the ceremonial room? Do not disregard your feelings they are your most important asset, and if at any point you feel uncomfortable, stop the treatment.

That being said, Francis Mitchell is an amazing world renowned healer, I know and trust him. This link is a journalist's account on him
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Carol Omer said...

Too cool Angelina! You know that St Francis is the carer and guide for the Animal world hey? Given the recent events for Bhodi it seems that the Medicine Man Francis arrived before St Francis arrived!...;)

I read "Rolling Thunder" many years ago and remember at the time how impacted i was by the Medicine Mans ability to bend time and in Oz the Ngankari are of the same authority.

I loved the character of Leonard, the Medicine Man in Northern Exposure for what he was able to share to the non-knowing western world....

E. Angelina said...

I also admired St. Francis because of how he related to animals.

I enjoyed Northern Exposure especially how they dealt with the time aspect.

My friend Francis has very strong medicine, and has been know to transcend time.