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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Souls Meeting

Is it synchronicity when you meet someone in the most unusually fashion? Should one attach the meeting to a greater force at work that created the event which brought two souls together?

In an earlier post I wrote that things happen because they happen, and that there is no reason for it to happen other than it does. Was I wrong? Is there really a master plan at work here?

What if you met someone who under the normal course of things you would have never met, but only met because you did something out of the ordinary. Something so out of character. What if you met this person under circumstances where the odds were against the meeting. What if a series of actions by both of you were required to have the meeting occur. What if the soul you met also met souls connected to you but in a separate hemisphere, and under different circumstances. 

 What if this soul had an amazing light, energy, and had relevant experiences to yours.  How do you explain the unexplainable, when everything that should happen, occurred, cumulating towards a wonderful meeting of souls.    

It happen to me, and I am so overwhelmed by the occurrence that I am thinking maybe there is a greater force at play here. What does it mean?


Carol said...

Well here is the thing...that synchronised moment happened with a person who actually left that place of contact two months ago...even did a 'farewell' post!

And for some reason was drawn to re-visit there and made that connection!

I think it is to do with the Spirit world lining people up so the Good Work can happen even better than it already is because when connections are made, Energies are formed and Energy is the key to change...;-)

E. Angelina said...

The mystery of the universe unfolds to those who open their souls.