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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mythology, and Other Stuff

I was reading a recent post on a "New Earth" message boards on Oprah's site, and came across a profound quote, then I decided to post the links below to the person who is the inspiration for the quote ...


Carol Omer said...

Hi Angelina
Thanks for calling by my blog today...I knew you'd 'get it' Thanks for your insight........perhaps you might like to go to Ingalalla one day with us!

Re Joseph Campbell - what a true man of knowledge and wisdom!

You can see him on some youtube clips talking about his work and his philosophy - I was watching one last night about significant moments...epiphanies,

Bye for now


Carol Omer said...

How exciting!! Someone has posted the Power of Myth Series on video on line.

If you click on the images you can watch the wonderful interviews with Joseph Campbell in the last years of his life.

I am watching the Heroes Journey now.

Here is the link Angelina...

Angelina said...

Hi Carol,

Thank you for the link, I've added it to the post.

I bought the audio of that book, and have been listening to it as I drive, my son, Andrew to his lessons. It is has even caught Andrew's attention, specifically the references to Star Wars. Never mind that some of the interview was taped at George Lucas's house in LA.

Great stuff!