Use Your Words like Your life Depended on them

Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Ten Ox Herding Pictures

Where do your emotions live, can you point in your body where love, happiness, sadness, anger, is? Emotions live in the territory of the mind. Search for the mind - is what is called spiritual path.

Don't fight with your mind, accept it, and it will free you. Fighting with your mind drains you of your energy. Sit still and gradually your energy will increase and you'll find peace.

Say to yourself, "whoever I am, whatever I've done in life, the door to my heat is always open to me unconditionally. Come in." Accept yourself, be kind to yourself, love yourself, be at peace with yourself.

Take an hour and listen to the other jewels of wisdom in this speech from Ajahn Brahm.


Detlef said...

I had to complete a certain thing by 12.31.2008 'at latest'. Still not done it. Each day that passes makes the task heavier. So I'll have to fight my mind, won't I?

Angelina said...

"So I'll have to fight my mind, won't I?"

Not necessarily, if you accept that what is done is complete, and the rest will follow when it is done.

Fighting your mind over stuff you still need to do creates stress and unhappiness, engage your mind in what you're doing now rather than what you need to do in the future.

That said, you make a good point, however it is in how we relate to time and balancing that view with our outstanding obligations which will bring us peace of mind.