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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Walking to Quite the Mind

I am often told "I don't know how to meditate. I just can't quite my mind.". My response is always, it's normal to feel stressed and unable to sit quietly. Which is why I often recommend other forms of meditating, like walking.

Walking is another way to meditate for people who can't sit. It brings one to the point of realizing that the benefit of meditation does not depend upon the position of the body. Sitting, standing, lying down, walking — what is the difference when one is aware? The state of being aware is an experience which goes beyond the body. Not only are you aware of your movements, you are also getting exercise.

Diana St Ruth's new short guide to walking meditation is a good place to learn how to practice walking meditation.

I posted a video here as well.

Walk softly and intently on mother earth wearing a big smile.

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Paul Garrigan said...

I love walking meditation. One of the retreats I attended had one hour walking followed by one hour sitting and this was repeated all day - the last three days we weren't even allowed to sleep. The walking meditation was described as like charging a battery and we could later benefit from the power when sitting down.