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Saturday, February 14, 2009

It's all in the Eyes

Ever notice how your animal looks at you, of course you do? You’re almost certain you know what they are communicating. We feel that way about our family dog.

Bodhisattva (Bohdi) a standard poodle, is handsome as he is adorable. Sometimes I would be reading and feel this strong sense that someone is watching me. Then I will look up, and there is Bodhi looking at me with such intensity that I wish he could use words to describe what he wants. But instead, I have to gauge what kind of reaction I get from my tone, and words, by his body language for clues to what he wants. It always seems I correctly guess what he wants, because he seems happy for whatever I give him.

He can be surprising too. When Andrew was a toddler and had stuff animals all over the house, Bodhi knew he could not play with them. He had his own doggy toys. However, one day, Bodhi took his own toy and placed it on Andrew’s bed. Then he went to the shelf and took Andrew’s stuff bear for himself. I never would have guessed that animals could communicate on that level of sophistication.

I do know my family is connected with him, not just as a pet, but as a being. When I meditate, I feel our energies merge, and I can feel the calm that seems to emanate from him mingle with my energy causing a blanket of light energy to dance around us.

He absorbs our energy too, indeed, the exchange of energy flows from us to him. When he is having a bad dream, I sit beside him and rub his neck until his breathing returns to normal. He takes a deep breath, and continues to sleep. The least I can do for this silent but very communicative being.

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Carol said...

I want to wrap Bodhi in a bear hug and smooch his big black button nose.

One day this will happen and we shall roll shamelessly around on the carpet my unabashed smoochiness surprising even the likes of an evolved Dog~God such as he....;-)

I have been without a Dog in my life for toooo long now since my girl Libby passed.

Here is her tribute poem...i may have shared it with you before?

Libby the Wonder Dog:

Angelina said...

Thank you Carol. I love that poem, I remember reading it with tears streaming down my cheeks.