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Saturday, February 21, 2009


Is there a connection? I found a couple of articles while scrolling through twitter, again. You would be amazed at the resource in 140 characters or less you could find from this particular social network.

The connect between Darwin and Buddhism is in our relationship with the world, in particular, how we relate with empathy, kindness, and compassion. What does he say about our emotions?

Painting by a local artist.
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The Buddhist Conservative said...

Darwin was one of the great observers. The connection between his understanding and Buddhist teachings most likely came from the fact that like the Buddha, Darwin saw things the way they were without trying to interpret hidden meanings.

Looking at the world as an objective and open observer would lead someone with Darwin's abilities to draw many of the same conclusions.

As far as we know, Darwin did not speak of any exposure to Buddhism but in his extensive travels, he could have run into someone familiar with the teachings.

In our busy lives we often don't realize how connected we really are. Each of us reacts to the expressions and feelings of other beings whether we take it in or not. Your previous story points this fact out very well.


Angelina said...

Thank you.

May you be blessed with Peace, wisdom, and Compassion.