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Monday, December 15, 2008

What Gives Life Meaning?

This was the question presented to me while preparing for a presentation in Melbourne, Australia earlier this month. Our topic title 'Reconciling Indigenous Pedagogy Post Colonization' and, I thought, what does this question have to do with an academic paper?

I sat silently for a few moments, contemplating the question. Then I said, it is the interconnectedness between people. Hmmm, is what my co-presenter said. And what is the that connectedness? It is an energy force, maybe, love? I said. That, she said, is from your head, think with your heart, go deeper. I was at a lost. The more I tried to go deeper, the more into my head I went. My head filled with many disorientating and disconnected thoughts. Then I said, I need tea. That is always my suggestion when I need to chill.

I took a deep breath and slowly let my mind slow to nothing, and then I got a clear picture of my late father. He was standing, hands behind his back, his face relaxed. His eyes looking beyond me. My father the trapper, hunter, gatherer.

He was not separate from the environment. He was nature. He was not co-existing with the environment, it was in him. His movements, thoughts, all effortlessly executed. He was in harmony with the universe because he was the universe. I got it!

In our curriculum, the process, the healing circles, are designed to uncover the layers which are preventing indigenous peoples from recognizing they are nature and one with the universe. The pedagogy reflects our intuitiveness and allows for the healing to begin. It is a long journey, after all, to be free of colonization as with indoctrination takes time.

Have I answered the question? I am not sure.

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