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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Fire Within

There are times when I meditate late at night, the warmth of my house with its fireplace burning, gives me such comfort and wraps around me like a security blanket. My thoughts come and go, and finally there is silence.

Other times it feels like I'm floating and disconnected. My thoughts flowing and never stopping. Feeling at times like I'm isolated (not in a bad way) as though I am the only person in the entire world, a solitary being. But then there are times I feel like I am briefly connected to everything, and everyone.

I know I've had a successful meditation when happiness is my world. Happiness is an illusion, but, what an illusion.
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1 comment:

isabella mori (@moritherapy) said...

yes, angelina, i can really relate. especially to the first one. after all these years of off and on meditating, formally and informally, i still have to learn to fully trust my experience that when i just let it all be, the thoughts will eventually quieten. they always do. i just have to trust it.