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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Practice, Practice, Practice and more Practice

Mindfulness is my passion. Each day I sit quietly and silence my mind, each moment is made of new seconds. If my mind drifts, I notice it, let it float on, and start over again. No need to attach to those thoughts, they are nothing. My mind goes into silence. Deeply breathing in and slowly exhaling. I follow my breath and smile.

I noticed that being present is difficult and takes practice. I begin slowly, picking one or two actions to be present. For example, making and drinking tea. When I make my tea, I am 100% present, pouring the kettle, whisking the powdered tea, holding the tea, raising the bowl, touching my lips with the rim of the bowl, swallowing the tea I smile.


Carol Omer said...

Hey Angelina
I find that sitting with my cat purring on my lap beings me to centre and very present moment focused...its as if the vibrations create a smooth stream of The Moment and I often just hold Yamatji or Purrly to remind me to sloooow doooown,.....


Angelina said...

Hi Carol,

Funny, I was thinking the same about our dog Bodhi. Since he has returned home he has been so attentive, and when he looks at me, it feels so deep. Animals really are our teachers.
But I think cats have an extra special thing going on in them...
Have a great day!