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Monday, February 25, 2008

Faceless but Real

It is my humble opinion blogging is a strange pastime. To blog is to complain, to boast, to commemorate or to just make random observations about your life or life generally to no one and everyone. You post your blog, it goes into the ether that is the internet.

Will anyone read it, do you care? Most bloggers, I imagine, when they create their blog, they are doing it for themselves, a type of self-therapy or to journal and maybe to write a book.

Then someone will post a comment, suddenly the realization someone is reading that post is crystallized. Perhaps you get kinda creep out at first. But wait a second, it is expected after all, you are posting to the entire network of faceless people in cyberspace. Someone, somewhere, at some point is going to respond.

And if you are lucky you'll get a following of readers. Oh, the pressure. The pressure to be witty, creative, amazing and just fantastic. The pressure. What would you do if this were to happen to you.

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monica said...

Found the link to your page at "What will I ever do with my life". You voiced the feelings of perhaps millions of Bloggers around the world.
Once we are into blogging, we kind of start taking it for granted about the readers et all.Initially we do create our blogs as means of self-therapy.
I sense freshness and crispiness in your post.Your post has depth in it and that special factor.I could relate to it easily
Nice Blog...will surly come back for another read :)

Angelina said...

Thank you Monica for your kind words. I remember when I began blogging, the feeling was to chronicle my journey and perhaps meet people along the path who I can share information with.

It is an interesting and exciting feeling to have someone read your blog, and having this type of connection with them would not have happen in any other lifetime.

Have a wonderful day!